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Newsletter August 2020

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Welcome back for another season of the Master Bowlers Association of Alberta.
A New Look for the Renewal Form

Please note that our renewal form has changed. There is now only one form for all renewals.  Please ensure that you look over the form and note the changes. We ask the you declare your division and circle the appropriate one for you. If you are a lifetime member, you also state your division. We would like you to let us know how many Nationals you have attended as a participant thus far (on the back of form).
Rookie Tournament Rate

We continue to offer the Rookie Rate to welcome new bowlers into our Tournaments. First year members of the Master Bowlers Association of Alberta over the age of 25 and who has never been a member of any Master Bowlers Association in Canada will be charged the same tournament rate currently charged to our members under the age of 25 during their first season of tournaments.
Welcome Back Tournament Rate

We also have our Welcome Back Rate. Members of the Master Bowlers Association over the age of 25 and who have not competed in any Master Bowlers Association tournament in Canada in the past 3 consecutive seasons will have the opportunity to apply to be charged the same tournament rate currently charged to our members under the age of 25 during the current season of tournaments. The application must be received prior to participation. The rate can be used once during the member’s lifetime.
Alberta 5 Pin Cards

MBA of A members competing in qualifying tournaments must be a member in good standing with the Alberta 5-Pin Bowlers’ Association and the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta. The 5 pin card must be purchased through a local proprietor or directly through the Alberta 5 pin office.

Tournament Schedule

Enclosed you will find the schedule for the season’s upcoming tournaments. Please remember to  check future newsletters for notices of change of dates or times. Sometimes changes do have tobe made and we do not want anyone missing out or arriving for a tournament on the wrong day.  At this writing no tournaments can be held. We will inform you when that changes.
Master/Youth Tournament

The tournament will be held some time in the future. Announcements will come out when the date has been determined.
Late Renewal Fee

Please note the late fee of $20.00 if renewal fees are not paid by September 23rd of the current bowling season.

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