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Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated September 23, 2022)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated October 11, 2021)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated October 28, 2020)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated November 25, 2019)


Tournament Sites & Dates  (December 28, 2018)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated Sept. 19, 2017)


Tournament Sites & Dates


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated Oct. 23, 2015)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated Jan. 12, 2015)


Tournament Sites & Dates (Updated Jan 19, 2013)


Tournament Sites & Dates

5 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. My name is John Oak and I the Assistant Tournament Director for the Peace Glass Open Tournament. We are in the stage of planning which date to hold the tournament this upcoming year. Would it be possible for someone to contact me in regards to when the Masters Provincials will be held.
    The tournament this year has a guaranteed $10,000 for first place and we would like to have the maximum bowlers.

    Thank you for your quick reply
    John Oak

    • Hi John,

      I haven’t received a copy of next year’s schedule yet but if you email our secretary, Bev, she might be able to give you a rough outline of what it might look like. You can reach her at mbaofa(at)

    • Hello John,

      The Master’s Provincials for next season will be held March 21 & 22, 2015.

      I am in the process of sending the schedule to Mark to update our website.

      Thank you.
      Bev Gigliuk

  2. Why are the prices to bowl the tournaments ever posted on the web site???? Would be useful information for new comers

    • You’re right Tracy, we can definitely look at adding something like this. We also post tournament costs in advance of the first tournament on our Facebook pages and try to get the word out to all our members.

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