Master Bowlers' Association of Alberta

Official website of the Alberta Master Bowlers

About Us

Our Mission Statement: To promote the sport of Five Pin Bowling by providing coaching certification and instruction for the sport of Five Pin Bowling in Alberta.

Board of Directors

Brian Rossetti
Past President
Greg Gigliuk
Dexter Wiseman
Greg Gigliuk
Rita Poruchny
Technical Director
Brian Sudbury
Tournament Directors
Bradly Tytgat – Dexter Wiseman
Teaching Directors
Sarah Simmons – Dorry Mielke
Senior Division Director
Bev Gigliuk
Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers’ Association
Tim Wiseman
Bowl Alberta
Rob Taylor

Contact Information

Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta
Box 577
Bragg Creek  AB  T0L 0K0

Phone:  403-949-2706

Zone Directors (As of August 12, 2022)

Zone 1
Michelle Armstrong
Zone 2
Georgette Lafreniere
Zone 3
Carol Bailey
Zone 4
Dorry Mielke
Zone 5
Bonnie Malmas
Zone 6
Sarah Simmons
Zone 7
Shirley Kultgen
Zone 8
Rob Miklos
Tournament Division Director
Bradly Tytgat
Tournament Division Director
Dexter Wiseman

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. i have recently moved from the teaching division to the seniors scratch. All the seniors in zone two tell me that there are some uniform changes on the masters bowling shirts when you go to seniors division ( yellow shoulder straps) . My question is do i have to get another shirt or not?

    • Hi Alex, you can email Rita, our office manager regarding this. You won’t need to get another shirt, you will just need to get 2 gold colored covers that go over your blue shoulder epaulets on your existing traditional blue shirt.

  2. I am new to MBA and just received my shirt and coaching patch but there was no MBA patch with the shirt

  3. Where can I go to see what courses I have taken thus far as a Community Coach?

  4. Another Foolish question
    Where do I find a Map of our Zones
    Just want to see who else I can ask for hosting tournaments
    Thank You Bonnie

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