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A Letter From The President


Hello Fellow Master Bowlers,
We welcome you to another season, the most interesting season we will have had
in the history of our association. We want to thank you all for your support by
joining our association again this year. Your membership dues help us run our
association. This is especially important this season due to our decreased funding
including Casino funding, funds from running tournaments and a reduction in
funds received from the province.
We want everyone to stay safe and follow provincial Alberta Health Services
guidelines as we progress through the year. Please work closely with your local
proprietors who are working hard to ensure our Y.B.C. bowlers and coaches are
both safe yet still have fun in our sport.

We are also working with Bowl Alberta and Alberta 5 Pin Bowlers Association
closely to safely run our tournaments. We will run our tournaments as we are
permitted with AHS. We may have to change tournament dates and times as we
try to get a full season in to create an Alberta contingent for this years Nationals
in Edmonton. We will try to stick to our schedule the best we can throughout the
year. Please understand that we will be doing the best we can under the

We continue to plan to host this years Nationals at Bonnie Doon Lanes June 28
(early arrivals) June 29th (opening ceremonies) until July 4, 2021(departures). Our
host hotel is the Fantasyland Hotel. Please contact Mark Johnstone 780-452-3228
as we will need many volunteers to help make this a smooth Championship.
Brian Rossetti – President – Master Bowlers Association of Alberta

2 thoughts on “A Letter From The President

  1. Would you consider dropping the late fees this year. There shouldn’t be a late fee for all that’s been going on this year. YBC just started a week ago and a lot of us coaches just found out how we are going to coach in these times and made the decision to coach. I have not even thought of my forms yet and Maria is away the first two weeks on holidays so not sure who will sign my forms since they are due next week. A lot of us are dedicated coaches and to be slapped a late fee is ridiculous because I wanted to learn more on how this is going to work before making a decision to coach. Things are changing on a daily basis with Covid 19 restrictions. I think the Masters would be able to drop the “late fees” for one year while we are getting used to the new normal. You guys just had a meeting this week on how things are going to work so maybe cancel late fees or defer to later. Just a suggestion. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your question Kevin.

      The Board of Directors discussed this very topic during our September 13th board of directors meeting. We decided to keep the late fees intact to facilitate the processing of our renewals in a timely manner. I would be happy to sign your renewal form in Maria’s absence.

      Brian R

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