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Newsletter – August 2022


Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta

                                                August 2022

Welcome back for another season of the Master Bowlers Association of Alberta.

Dear Fellow Masters,

To assist our tournament directors and hosting proprietors, we are asking for your cooperation when participating in our tournaments.

You must Pre-Register with the zone directors a week prior to the tournament. This will allow the proprietors to book the appropriate number of lanes for the tournament. This also helps the proprietor enter names into the electronic scoring before the tournament begins. These actions will help in getting our tournaments started on time.  

We are now negotiating with Bowl Alberta as some of the proprietors would like to institute a “no show” policy where if the bowler does not show to the event, they will be charging the Master Bowlers the lineage for that person.  Those charges will need to be passed onto the bowler and they will be charged the amount. The bowler will not be a member in good standing until the amount is paid.  Bottom line, it may come to “you are saying you are going to be there then you will need to show up or cancel one week prior”.  We will keep you posted as to the outcome.

Your zone directors are:

Zone One   
Michelle Armstrong(780) 712-4394(780)
Zone Two   
Rollie Poitras(780) 645-5261
Zone Three   
Carol Bailey(780) 831-7357Cell-(780)
Zone Four   
Dorry Mielke                                       (780) 884-1719
Zone Five   
Bonnie Malmas(403) 844-3948
Zone Six   
Sarah Simmons(403) 988-6211
Zone Seven   
Shirley Kultgen(403) 527-7823
Zone Eight   
Rob Miklos(403) 393-1110  
Tourn. Division Directors         
Bradley Tytgat(403) 288-6557
Dexter Wiseman(780) 886-4504
Senior Division Zone Director   
Bev Gigliuk403-597-7674
Teaching Division Zone Director   
Dorry Mielke and Sarah SimmonsAs above As above

Thank you to National Chairperson, Kelly Cornelius and all the volunteers who made our championship in Edmonton a great success! 

Alberta Tournament Ladies Shine in Edmonton

Congratulations to Tracy Smith who fulfilled a life long goal to win the Tournament ladies Singles title. After dropping the first match 289 to 241, Tracy defeated Dakota Heth 270 to 234 and 358 to 287 to advance to the Gold Medal match. Tracy then defeated Alyssa Campbell 255-221, then lost the second match 278 to 208 before rallying to win the decisive match 275 to 216. Way to go Tracy!

The Tournament Ladies team dominated play to win the Gold medal. Congratulations to Jennifer Smith (283.1 average National Record), Heidi Mapstone (271 average), Dianne Violini (258.5 average), Bonnie McDonald, Beverley Magnus and coach Harvie Pocza.

Tyler Tytgat won bronze in the Tournament Mens Singles event. Tournament Mens team also won bronze. Mens team included Adam Weber (303.8 average National Record), Gary Baird, Matt Schultz, Rylan Willier, Bobby Kyte and coach Mike Lacoursiere.

Shantel Usman won bronze in the teaching ladies singles event, while her teammates came fourth.

Russ Foster won silver for the Teaching Mens singles while his teammates also finished fourth. Seniors team finished fifth, narrowly missing bronze by. Andre Langevin was a close fourth in singles.

Brian Rossetti had a 418-game setting the record for the highest score in the Senior Division. 418 also tied tournament division Shane Chafe and Nathan Cooper for high game of the nationals.

Master Bowlers Association of Canada Elimination Draw Ticket Winners

The winners of the elimination draw tickets from Alberta were: Alberta Tournament Men (3x), Harvie Pocza and Jamey Sudbury.  Each of them won $100.  Congratulations!

Alberta 5 Pin Cards

MBA of A members competing in qualifying tournaments must be a member in good standing with the Alberta 5-Pin Bowlers’ Association and the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta. The 5 pin card must be purchased through a local proprietor or directly through the Alberta 5 pin office.

Tournament Schedule

Enclosed you will find the schedule for the season’s upcoming tournaments. Please remember to check future newsletters and with your zone directors for notices of change of location, dates or times.  Sometimes changes do have to be made and we do not want anyone missing out or arriving for a tournament on the wrong day.

Traditional Shirt Cost Has Gone Up

Due to the production costs and the increase in postage (fuel charge), the shirts are now selling for $125.00. (Golf shirts remain the same price)

Cost of Tournaments

Due to the increase of cost of lineage we need to raise the tournament fees.  Teaching and Senior Division tournament fees are $110.  The Youth Fee for the Teaching Division (under 21) is $65.  Tournament Division tournament fees are $135.  The Youth Fee (under 21) is $90.

Master & Youth Tournament

Included with this newsletter you will find an entry form for the Master & Youth Tournament.  These entry forms are to be forwarded to Paradise Lanes. Mark Miller’s information is included on the entry form.

The Master & Youth Tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 22 & 23, 2022 at Paradise Lanes in Calgary.  The start times on October 22 is 2:00 p.m. (1st shift) and on October 23 is 9:00 a.m. (2nd shift). You choose the shift you prefer to bowl.  The entry fee is $50.00 per bowler!

Please be sure to include your phone number on the entry form.  This is in the event that you need to be contacted in the case of a time change or cancellation.  Neither are likely, but having your phone number makes this much easier!  Thank you.

Upcoming Coaching Clinics

We have 3 clinics scheduled so far.

  1. Calgary – Community Sport – September 17, 2022
  2. Sherwood Park – Community Sport – September 25, 2022
  3. Calgary – Introduction to Competition, September 30, October 1 and 2, 2022

Announcements have been sent out and details can be found on-line @ Clinic Dates and Locations | Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta (

Casino Volunteers Required

The time has come again to ask for volunteers for our next casino being held January 1 & 2, 2023 at The Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary.  We have various positions available from Banker, Count Room Supervisor, Cashier, Chip Runner and Count Room Staff.  For the details of the times and dates that are available please contact Jamey Sudbury at or better yet, sign up at the following link:

Working at our casino is vitally important to the sustainability of our organization.  This is a major source of funds that enables us to support YBC programs and assist us with travel to National events.

Late Renewal Fee

Please note the late fee of $20.00 if renewal fees are not paid by September 18th of the current bowling season. 

The 2023 Nationals will be held in St. Johns, Nfld. from June 29, 2023 – July 4, 2023.  Travel dates June 28, Opening Ceremonies June 29 and departing July 4

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