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Tournament Participation Requirements

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To all Master Bowlers who are competing in the tournaments,

In order to comply with current  AHS requirements we ask the following of you:

1.  Please bring proof that you have received two doses of a World Health Organization Covid-19 vaccination or a single vaccination on or before September 12, 2021 with a second dose before October 24, 2021 to bowl the remaining tournaments. 

2. Or provide proof that you have received a negative Covid-19test in the last 72 hours prior to the tournament date from a Health Canada approved provider. 

3. Or provide an original vaccine medical exception letter.

4. Bring the attached forms, completed, to the tournament. Please note that the declaration form must be brought to every tournament.

5. Masks may be required to be worn at all times.

6. Please come early so that the paperwork can be collected and the tournament can start on time.

7. The following website can help you access your proof of vaccination.

Let’s keep our tournaments as safe as possible.  I am sure that many of you are excited to get back to bowling, no matter what it looks like.

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