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November 2017

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Jaymin Wudkevich won a silver medal in Regina.  He was the single representative in the Teaching Men division.  Way to go Jaymin!

Tournament Division Results – Tournament #1 & 2

The results of the first two tournaments in the tournament division for the 2017-2018 season are as follows:

Congratulations to Bonnie McDonald of Hilo on winning the first Tournament!  Bonnie bowled a 2380. This is Bonnie’s sixth tournament win.

Jennifer Smith of Calgary rolled a score of 2061 to take tournament #2. Jennifer continues her winning ways as this was her twenty-seventh win! Congratulations Jennifer.

What a weekend for Brad Wilton of Calgary! He won both tournaments with a score of 2258 and 2270. This was his fifth and sixth win.

Congratulations to all.  Great bowling!

Teaching Division Results – Tournament #1 & #2

The first and second teaching division tournaments are complete.


Tournament #1- October 1, 2017

Congratulations go out to Ashley Bridgett from Sherwood Park on winning in the North Teaching Ladies division with a +232.  This is Ashley’s second year as a master.

Shelly Taylor of Calgary won the South Teaching Ladies tournament with a +227.

On the men’s side, Henry Schuetz of Edmonton won the Teaching Men’s North division with a +325.   He’s been a member for 3 years.

Darcy Schmitki of Calgary was a runaway winner with +233.   Congratulations!


Tournament #2 – November 5, 2017

Jamie McAra from Edmonton bowled a +216 to win the North Teaching Ladies division.  Way to go!

Ashley Collins from Airdrie won the South Teaching Ladies tournament with a +252.  Great bowling!

Craig MacDonald from Edmonton bowled well on this day.  He was a +222 winning the Teaching Men’s North division.

Glen Demmon was a clear winner with a +311.  He represented the Teaching Men’s South division.


Senior Division Results – Tournament #1 & #2

Tournament #1 – October 1, 2017

The Senior’s POA Division was won by Dwight Anderson of Edmonton.  Dwight rolled a +193.

Greg Gigliuk was the best bowler on this day.  He bowled 2072. Way to go! This was his 13th win in both the tournament and senior division.


Tournament #2 – November 5, 2017

The senior’s POA division was won by Gwen Bonik from Edmonton.  She bowled a +134.

Tom Stevenson from Calgary won the Senior’s Scratch division.  He had a total of 2087.

Way to go to all the bowlers!


New Life Time Members

We would like to congratulate the following bowlers on reaching 25 years of membership with the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta:

Brian Randall of Fort Saskatchewan, Jerry Kind of Lethbridge, Ken Malcomson of Medicine Hat, and Rhod Hubbard of Calgary.

These bowlers/coaches will be receiving their recognition award throughout the current season!  Please take the time to congratulate them on their accomplishment.


Coaching Upgrade Information

To be eligible to be a National Coach, you must be certified Level II with Competition

Coach upgrade or Competition Coach certified by December 31, 2017.

Please check the website for further information regarding the upgrade process and what is required.


Thank you to our “Website Keeper”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Polivchuk for continuing to look after our website, not only throughout our bowling season, but throughout the rest of the year as well. Mark recently updated our “look”. Check it out at

Mark is always very prompt in posting information when asked and keeps our website up to date with what’s going on in the bowling world. Thank you Mark for the great job that you do for the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta!!


Master/Youth Tournament Reminder

Just a reminder of the Master/Youth Tournament. These entry forms are to be forwarded to Paradise Lanes. Mark Miller’s information is included on the entry form.

The Master/Youth Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 and November 19, 2017, at Paradise Lanes in Calgary. The shift on November 18 begins at 4:00pm and the one on November 19 begins at 9:00 am.  Entry fee is $50.00 per bowler!

Please be sure to include your phone number on the entry form.  This is in the event that you need to be contacted in the case of a time change or cancellation.  Neither are likely but having your phone number makes this much easier!  Thank you.


The 2018 Nationals will be held in Thunder Bay, Ontario. from June 30, 2018 – July 4, 2018.  Travel dates June 29 and return July 5. Opening Ceremonies are June 30.


A Reminder to all to New Bowlers

To be eligible to participate on a National team, you must have taken a Community Sport Initiation Clinic prior to December 31st of the current bowling season.   Many clinics have taken place in September and October.  Let Brian Sudbury know if you would like to take a clinic so that you could qualify.

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