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August 2015

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The AGM was held May 24, 2015 in Red Deer.  Everyone who attended the meeting had their name put into a draw for a pair of bowling shoes sponsored by Sanders Pro.  This year’s recipient was Rhod Hubbard of Calgary.

National Success

The 2015 Nationals were held in Hamilton with Alberta once again bringing home some hardware.

Congratulations are going out to our Senior Division Team for bringing home the gold!!  They bowled very well and had the gold wrapped up before the last 2 games of the tournament.

Greg Gigliuk broke the record for the highest average recorded to date for a Senior at the Nationals.  Greg averaged 268.1 for the 21 games.

Our Tournament Division Ladies and Men’s teams both finished in 3rd place bringing home bronze medals.

The Teaching Ladies finished up in 3rd place as well, capturing bronze medals, while the Teaching men were 7th.

Congratulations to Leanne Hutchingame, our Teaching Division Ladies Single.  Leanne finished in 2nd place winning herself a silver medal!

Jennifer Baker and Tim Wiseman, our Tournament Division singles qualifiers, finished 7th and 5th, respectively.

James McAra, our Teaching Men’s Singles representative finished in 7th place, while Rollie Poitras of the Senior Division finished 6th in the singles portion of the tournament.

Congratulations to all of the Alberta representatives on their performance at this year’s National event!!

Alberta 5 Pin Cards

This will be the first reminder of the season regarding Alberta 5 Pin Cards.

All Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta participants are required to have an Alberta 5 Pin card by November 30th of the current bowling season. Should you happen to make a National team without a card, you will be disqualified and not allowed to go to the National event.

The 5 pin cards must be purchased thru a local proprietor or directly thru the Alberta 5 pin office.

Tournament Schedule

Enclosed you will find the schedule for the season’s upcoming tournaments.

Please remember to check future newsletters for notices of change of dates or times. Sometimes changes do have to be made and we don’t want anyone missing out or arriving for a tournament on the wrong day.

Important Coaching Information

Have You Upgraded Your Level 2?

All certified Level 2 coaches have until December 31, 2015, to upgrade themselves.
They must complete 3 easy steps.
1. Accept and sign the Code of Conduct
2. Successfully complete a short written technical test
3. Successfully complete the (MED) Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Competition Introduction available at This test is to verify you understand the steps used to make a decision, not your decision for an ethical situation.

These steps are for coaches who have previously taken the Level 2 theory and wish to upgrade.

Please understand that after December 31, 2015, the opportunity to upgrade from the old Level 2 to the Competitive Coach will no longer be available. We are recommending that you do not wait until the last minute to upgrade in the event that there may be a number of coaches in various sports doing the same thing. We wouldn’t like to see someone trying to do this at the last minute and find out that the website is down!

Please check the MBA of A website at for more detailed information regarding the upgrading process.
The Code of Conduct and the technical test are both available from the website.

Upcoming Coaching Clinics

The following clinics are now being offered to interested bowlers and coaches:
Competitive Coach Clinic-August 28-30, 2015 – Chinook Bowladrome – Calgary
Making Ethical Decisions (only) for Introduction to Competition-Aug. 29, 2015-Chinook-Calgary
Community Sport Initiation-September 20, 2015 – Sherwood Bowl – Sherwood Park
Community Sport Initiation-September 27, 2015 – Chinook Bowladrome – Calgary
Competitive Coach Clinic-September 25-27, 2015 – Sherwood Bowl – Sherwood Park

Please check the website or with your local proprietor for more information regarding these clinics. Your proprietor should have the information posted in their center.

Master/Youth Tournament

Included with this newsletter you will find an entry form for the Master/Youth Tournament.  These entry forms are to be forwarded to Maria Wood.  Maria’s information is included on the entry form.

The Master/Youth Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at Paradise Lanes in Calgary, with a shift at 3:00 p.m. and also a 7:00 p.m. shift, if necessary.  Entry fee is $50.00 per bowler!

Please be sure to include your phone number on the entry form.

This is in the event that you need to be contacted in the case of a time change or cancellation.  Neither are likely but having your phone number makes this much easier!  Thank you.

Please note that the dress code for this tournament for the Master bowlers is as follows:  Full Alberta Uniform, no Master’s golf shirt or shorts.  Masters not in full uniform will be disqualified.  This will be strictly enforced.

Late Renewal Fee

Please note the late fee of $10.00 if renewal fees are not paid by September 21st of the current bowling season.


Thank you to the following volunteers for coming and helping out with the Casino over the August long weekend:  Bob Stirling, Joey Wood, Sarah Simmons, Gary Baird, Harvie Pocza, Jamey Frank, Joe Wood, Shelley Struthers, Deb Boswell, Alyshia Meyers-Christensen, Eric Christensen, Rhod Hubbard, Rob Wolfson, Sharon Arndt, Dennis Arndt, Brian Sudbury, Bev Gigliuk, Greg Gigliuk, Brian Rossetti, Frank Clarke, Bev Magnus, Mark Miller, Eleanor Howard, Paul Cenkner, Melissa MacDonald, Kyle Greggain, Albert Hesse, Rita Poruchny, Virginia Cullen, Sharon Fedick, Matie Rubi, Maria Wood.

Your time was deeply appreciated!!

The 2016 Nationals will be held in Surrey, BC, from June 28, 2016 – July 3, 2016!! 

 June 28 and July 3 will be travel days.

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