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August 2013

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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Season!

 The AGM was held May 26, 2013 in Red Deer.  Everyone who attended the meeting had their name put into a draw for a pair of bowling shoes sponsored by Sanders Pro.  This year’s recipient was Richelle Thomson of Calgary.

 National Success

The 2013 Nationals were held in Calgary from June 29-July 4.

Firstly, a huge thank you goes out to Maureen Atkinson and the National Tournament Committee as well as to all of the volunteers who played such a big part in a very successful National Championship!

Some of the Alberta competitors were also called in last minute to help out due to changes that had to be made because of the flooding in Calgary.  Thank you to all of you for stepping up and helping to make things run so smoothly.

The comments during and following the tournament were so positive.  Our Province can be very grateful and very proud to have hosted such a wonderful event.  It is because of our committee and volunteers that everything appeared to come off without a hitch!  Thanks to everyone who played a part.

Our Teams performed very well at the Championships. The Alberta contingent won the Aggregate for the second year in a row. Congratulations to the entire contingent.

Our Tournament Division Ladies team won the gold, as did the Teaching Men, and the Senior Division!

The Alberta Tournament Men and the Teaching Ladies teams took home bronze medals.

Lance Tanke won the Teaching Men’s Singles Gold Medal and Richelle Thomson took home the bronze in the Teaching Ladies Singles event.

Aaron Arndt had an exciting match in the Men’s Tournament Singles Division, winning his final stepladder match 245-243 and 288-271, bringing home the Gold medal.

Dianne Violini had an exciting 3 game Gold Medal match and came through victorious, winning Gold in the Tournament Ladies Singles Division for the sixth time!

For complete results, please refer to the website at

 Alberta Masters Members Honored

We would like to congratulate Willy Moyes and Lynn Howell.  Each of these gentlemen received the Master Bowlers’ Association of Canada “Award of Excellence” at the National banquet.

 Willy and Lynn join Dianne Violini, Bruce Morter, and Fran Clarke in this elite group.

 Willy received his award for Dedication and Advancement to the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta.  Willy was recognized as a leader in the development of the Provincial Seniors Division and also for his many years of performing the job of lane certification agent.

 Lynn received his award for Performance as a Bowler/Coach at the National Level of the Master Bowlers’ Association.  Lynn has won the men’s singles title and also bowled as well as coached winning men’s teams representing Alberta.

 Congratulations to Willy and Lynn, both very deserving recipients of these awards!

 Fee Increase for next season

Membership fees will be increasing to $30.00 this season.  As well, a $5.00 increase in participation fees in each division will be added.  This means that Teaching and Senior Division participation fees will be $20.00, and Tournament Division participation fees will be $40.00.

 Alberta 5 Pin Cards

 All Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta participants are required to have an Alberta 5 Pin card by November 30th of the current bowling season.  Should you happen to make a National team without a card, you will be disqualified and not allowed to go to the National event.

 This year we have included a form for the 5 pin card for anyone wishing to purchase it on their own.  Please note that if you choose to send in this form for your card, it must be sent back to the Alberta 5 Pin office.  Please do not send it to the MBA office.  If it is received at the MBA office, it will be returned to you so that you can send it to the proper location.

Master/Youth Tournament

Included with this newsletter you will find an entry form for the Master/Youth Tournament.  These entry forms are to be forwarded to Maria Wood.  Maria’s information is included on the entry form.

We’re trying out a new date this year.  The Master/Youth Tournament will be held on Saturday, November 30, 2013, at Paradise Lanes in Calgary, with a shift at 3:00 p.m. and also a 7:00 p.m. shift, if necessary.  Entry fee is $50.00 per bowler!

Changes to the Board

We would like to thank Jerry Budnyk for his 16 years of service on the MBA of A Board as well as the fantastic job he has done over the years as the Zone Director for Zone 4 Teaching and Senior Divisions, while also holding the position of North Provincial Teaching Director. Jerry has been the Zone Director since the Zone format came in to play.

Jerry will be missed for how well his tournaments were run and for the awesome job he has always done by sending in the results so promptly and accurately.

Jerry’s knowledge and input to the Board has been invaluable and we will certainly miss his presence at the meetings.  Thank you Jerry for all that you have contributed to the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta.

We would like to welcome Marty Bush who will be taking over as both the Zone Director for Zone 4 and as the Teaching North Division Director.

We have another change this season as well.  Darlene McClelland, our Zone 5 Teaching and Senior Division director, is also stepping down after many years of looking after this position.  We would like to say thank you to Darlene for the many years that she has dedicated to looking after the Zone 5 bowlers and their results.  For the last number of years Darlene has continued to do this job even though she has not been able to participate in the tournaments.  Thank you so much Darlene for all of your time and dedication to the Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta!

Zone 5 bowlers are fortunate to welcome Linda Seitz as their new Zone Director.

Please check the insert included with this newsletter for contact information for your Board members.

 Late Renewal Fee

Please note the late fee of $10.00 if renewal fees are not paid by September 21st of the current bowling season.

 Casino Volunteers Required

The Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta will once again be hosting a casino at the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary.  The dates for the casino are December 30 & 31, 2013.  If you are able to volunteer, please contact Maria Wood at 403-285-4575.

The 2014 Nationals will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from June 28, 2014 – July 3, 2014!!

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