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2022 Nationals

The Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta is hosting the 2022 National Championships! will be your source for all information about the tournament.

A Message from the Prime Minister of Canada

Lane Draw

Schedule of Events

Provincial Contingents

Souvenirs (Updated April 26, 2022)

Photo Gallery

Team Results

Tournament Women Singles
Tournament Men Singles
Teaching Women Singles
Teaching Men Singles
Seniors Singles
Tournament Women Teams
Tournament Men Teams
Teaching Women Teams
Teaching Men Teams
Seniors Teams

Individual Results

Tournament Women
Tournament Men
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Tournament Singles Stepladder Results

Womens Final
Mens Final

74 thoughts on “2022 Nationals

  1. Was wondering if you might have a lane draw, schedule events, and other general information for the nationals in Calgary. We would like to start preparing and letting our customers know. Cheers!

    • Hi Mark,
      I’ve received most of the information for the event and I am compiling it now. Expect to see it here in the next week or two.

  2. Will this be the official website for the event?

  3. Is there a list of competitors any where ??

  4. Do you do anything for rookie coaches and rookie managers just a thought

    • We have something planned for all rookies, including coaches and managers!

      • I was wondering about this because I am a rookie coach and am looking forward to what ever you have planned for us

        see you in 19 days we are in a countdown mode


        Sharon Troilo


        From: Master Bowlers’ Association of Alberta [] Sent: June 10, 2013 3:35 PM To: Subject: [New comment] 2013 Nationals

        mbaofa commented: “We have something planned for all rookies, including coaches and managers!”

  5. Hello what hotel are we staying at???

  6. are they any liquor store ,grocery store close to hotel

    • The hotel is in downtown Calgary, so most services are within walking distance. There are many liquor stores, restaurants and coffee shops within a couple of blocks, the CORE shopping center is only 3 blocks away, and there is a Safeway about 10 blocks away.

  7. Will you have any of the Nationals pins for sale or will they be for the bowlers only?

  8. Hello I see the Rookies got to wear White hats is including coaches and Bowlers and do we keep the Hat as a reminder of the Great Event

  9. When will the province contingents will be available

  10. Like to order a Denim Shirt large but not sure if you are receiving my email thanks

  11. Are there averages available for each contingent player?

  12. are the lanes at both centres wood or synthetic

  13. do they have AC

  14. Averages are always posted is there a way you can obtain that information

  15. Tomorrow, Friday, June 21 is the last day for Souvenir presales and remember the denim shirts are presale only. Send me an email with your order and it will be here when you check in. All orders are COD, thanks!

  16. Just wondering Wirth thé flood in Calgary does Thé masters tournament gona Be ok or cancel

    • At this time, we do not expect the flood to affect the National Championships. Keep checking back for updates as we get closer to the event.

  17. Can’t wait get to Calgary. Brings back lots of memories. Looking forward to seeing the changes since I left there in 1987. Used to bowl at Chinook lanes. Can’t wait to see how it’s changed.

    • And we can’t wait for you to get here! Chinook Bowladrome has changed a lot over the years, be sure to let the staff know what you think about it! I’m sure they would love to hear about it.

  18. did the flooding affect the events of the evening you have planned example the fireworks and the Alberta night

    • In case you missed Maureen’s response below, I’ve copied it here:

      Alberta Night is still a go, the fireworks are usually held at Prince’s Island Park which has been severely affected by the flood so I am unsure about the fireworks. The July 1 celebration is very important here so I am sure they will find an alternate location for the fireworks.

  19. I am wondering if there is anything we can do in our down time to help out Calgary? Any relief efforts that I can assist with? I am very excited to be visiting but understand that there is help needed. I would love to help out in the time of need! Please let me know what I can do for Calgary!

  20. Good morning,

    On your website you indicate that the hotel hasnt been affected but when you go to the hotel website it indicate that it has been affected, also on cbc news it indicates that the hyatt regency calgary is closed!

    • the Hyatt is
      closed as of this post, but they have sustained no water damage at all. All we are waiting for is power, which is expectred tomorrow

  21. Alberta Night is still a go, the fireworks are usually held at Prince’s Island Park which has been severely affected by the flood so I am unsure about the fireworks. The July 1 celebration is very important here so I am sure they will find an alternate location for the fireworks.

  22. does our hotel offer free WiFi

  23. It’s June 25 and there still is no entry into the east side of downtown Calgary where the Hyatt is located. Latest info from the City of Calgary twitter site shows that the area surrounding the hotel is still closed and the traffic lights are out. I haven’t been able to confirm anything via the web yet but it does appear that entry in not allowed into the closed area. So, how would it be possible to get to the hotel even if it has not been affected by water damage? It would seem to me that even if the hotel is habitable, we can’t get to it right now, meaning that the tournament is still in jeopardy.

    • We have been given every assurance that all will be ok. Most of downtown has regained power and the Hyatt believes they will have power tomorrow. The hotel is unscathed and everything is ready and waiting for us, we just need power.An announceent will be made here and on FB as soon as we have final confirmation. The tournament will go ahead regardless of the situation at the Hyatt. Stay tuned!

  24. Kudos to everyone who is involved with the National championships and especially to Maureen! You are doing a great job 🙂

  25. thank you Joan!

  26. are there fridges in all rooms

  27. no, you needed to request one with your room request and they were only available for medical reasons, sorry

  28. does the Hyatt have it’s power back

  29. I have been here for 3 days and I,m very impressed with your updates and the way this city has come together to help each other. Way to go Calgary and surrounding areas. Looking forward to nationals and enjoying visiting family.
    Brian Lawrence Southern Ontario

  30. Hyatt still has no power confirmed at 430 28 june

  31. Do you know when updates might be available?

  32. More than 3 hours in and no updates on the site 😦 Can the statistician post the point spreads and do the extended stats later, at least we will know where things stand. Thanks

    • Sorry for the delays! We had some technical difficulties to start the day, but we’ve finally caught up. Results will be updated very soon! Thanks for your patience.

  33. Will there be any updates up today? It would be nice to be able to follow along!

    • Sorry for the delays! We had some technical difficulties to start the day, but we’ve finally caught up. Results will be updated very soon! Thanks for your patience!

  34. With all the terrible things that are going on in your province, you folks are doing an amazing job. Im sorry for before if I sounded impatient. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the country. Job well done

    • Thanks for the kind words John! We’re doing the best we can and we’re very grateful that the everyone has been so helpful and patient with us as we get everything worked out. Our Tournament Chairperson, Maureen, has worked tireless to make sure this event is well run and its paying off greatly. Make sure you thank her if you see her!

  35. Will there be any pictures posted? Agree with John you guys are doing an amazing job.

    • I haven’t gotten any pictures yet, but I think I will get some after the tournament is over. Whatever I get, I will post!
      Thanks for the kind words Joanne!

  36. Hi, is it possible to know if there will be live streaming during the single stepladder? Thanks

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have the equipment to live stream any of the bowling, but I will be posting scores and an updated bracket after every game.

  37. Had a great time in Calgary Alberta Night was Great the bowling Excellent and I hope to see all you again next but on the lanes a bowler not a coach

  38. I had a blast at nationals and I must say congratulations to all the organizers for a job well done. Your hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks for a great time and lots of memories. You put the meaning in Western Hospitality. Enjoy some down time before the fall season. You definitely earned it.

  39. The continent lists are all messed up. Starting with Quebec. Can this be fixed?

  40. Your links for the tournament men’s and ladie’s are not working.

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